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Manufacturing Shift to Mexico: Asian and Chinese firms are establishing factories in Mexico to mitigate shipping disruptions and trade conflicts, using nearshoring to preserve U.S. market access.

  • 48% year-over-year increase in Chinese FDI in Mexico, China's FDI in Mexico is the fastest growing.
  • FDI sectors include: Automotive assembly plants and suppliers, telecommunications, electronics, pharmacochemical, and textile industries.
  • $35.3 billion in total FDI in Mexico for 2022, the highest since 2015.
  • In 2021, China accounted for nearly 20% of Mexico's imports. Projected to reach as high as 29% by 2035.
  • Mexico is projected to be the #1 exporter to the US in 2024.
  • Expansion of Mexican infrastructure and transportation includes: investments in bus and subway lines, the Mayan train project, renewable energy, and ports.
  • Asian Manufacturers should incorporate into their long-term strategy to increase presence, influence, and activity in Mexico.


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